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At what age does wry jaw show in a puppy, and on a one-year old, is there any chance it can get better as the head continues to grow?  What is your opinion on showing such a dog if all else is pretty much to standard?

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Wry jaw

A wry jaw can show up at any age. Personally, the earlier it showed up, the quicker I'd place that dog as a pet as I've NEVER seen a wry jaw get better, only worse. However, there have been many dogs shown with wry jaws, some have won and even finished.

I'd be less concerned about a jaw that went from even and level to tipped or slightly off when the dog was older, say 5 to 6 years old. Still I'd only use that dog for breeding to a dog that has a good jaw & bite themselves and in their background and be cautious about close line-breeding to the dog, or its ancestors.

Based on the dog's other attributes, you have to decide for yourself how important the dog would be to your goals with the wry jaw and if you want to chance using it for breeding. Consider also how far off the jaw is at maturity and if it stabilizes or continues to worsen. By the Standard jaws account for 5 points, teeth 2 points.

These are just my opinions, I'm interested to see what others comments are.

Thanks, Robin...

I appreciate your information and opinion.   I was hoping others would chime in, but traffic's been very light on this forum.   Maybe I'll also post elsewhere.  Thanks again.

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will you post a pic?

i have looked it u p, wondering if my dog has it.  he jaw/ mouth looks even, but one tooth sticks out while the other stays in his mouth


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no photo, but here is some further info


Pares 7 and 8 deal with jaws, teeth and have illustrations of wry jaws along with what is correct.

Bulldog jaws can be 'off' in ways other than what is illustrated and by varying degrees, from subtle to extreme, as shown in the drawings.