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Harry is almost 5 months.. here are some pictures from yesterdays class.

We are working on his nails with a grinder,,

would love some honest thoughts


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I think he's very handsome myself!!!!! Nice!



Rocco "The Bull" Capone




I Like Him....

Harry is turning out pretty nice. How is he doing in his conformation classes?

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He is pretty lazy..In class

He is pretty lazy..In class he walks a bit then rests then walk then rests LOL

His first show will be in October at the bulldog specialty thats here in my area



Hello, just some advice.  Do a search of the English Bulldog Standard online.  Use that picture to compare to your puppy and tally points.  There is no 'perfect dog" however, there are some significant faults that will unfortunatley limit your show career.  In my experience and looking at your pup, I can seem some significant faults however, if you are looking at showing for the fun of it - have at it!  If you are looking at showing to earn a title for possible future breeding prospect, you need to do some serious studying and health testing.  This is just my personal opnion.  The best resource is the breeder you purchased your pup from, are they showing?  Do they have Champion dogs?  If so, get them to mentor.....good luck!

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Five months...

Five months old is not the best time to decide whether a dog is going to be show quality.  Bulldogs continue to mature until the age of 3...some lines mature more quickly than others.  If you want to show him, it's great to get him out early to learn the ropes and to socialize him to the experience, then let him mature and see what you have.  The best way to predict how he will mature is by looking at what he came from.  Your breeder will be the best person to tell  you what to expect as he matures.  Good luck and have fun!!!


Cathy Hardegree