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puppy formula

When I make the puppy formula with the egg yolk,  karo and yogurt do I mix in the esbilac powder goats milk to the rest of the ingredients?  I can't find the can's around here anywhere so need to mix it myself with the powder.



Stater Bros. has the ready to

Stater Bros. has the ready to drink goat milk in the milk section. It comes in a 32 oz. carton.

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Here's my recipe

1 cup warm water

2 scoops Goat Milk Powder

1 cup Greek yogurt

2 egg yolks

2 Tbsp. Karo syrup

1 dropperful Poly-Vi-Sol (infant vitamin drops)

Mix the goat milk powder into the warm water with a wire whisk, add the remaining ingredients and whisk until smooth.  The formula is fairly thick, so I use medium flow nipples.


Cathy Hardegree