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I’m very happy to report that on Saturday, Vivian won at the Fargo show finishing her Championship with a 5 point major (biggest amount of points you can get at 1 show)!  She is now “CH Bodanna’s Blue Line Snow White”  Yay Vivi!!!!!  So very proud of my Snow Monkey


I'm proud to say every show "Owner Handled" as well!!  It feels like this took a long time (at least compared to others), but I'm so grateful that I was able to have this opportunity to show her & get her championship!


If you’re so inclined to see her win, check out the video!  Open Bitch & Winner's Bitch included....mostly snipets of Vivi for this set..




On Sunday Vivi went Best of Opposite in her first show as a special.  This placement gave her a 5 point major & going over another special towards her Grand Championship!  Yay Vivi!!




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I missed this! Congrats!!!

Huge news for you! Very aswesome!


Amy and Sophia

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What a champ....literally!


Silverback's Immaculate Interception, "James"

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Beautiful bully!


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Congratulations on your new Champion

I watched the videos.  Nice her tailset!


Cathy Hardegree

Congratulations!! She is a

Congratulations!! She is a beauty!!!


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