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Nationals Results

For those of you who couldn't join us, Wimsey Bulldogs along with members of the Toledo Bulldog Club are posting results on-line as soon as they become available.   You can find them here.  Enjoy!



Wimsey Bulldogs

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Link that works

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It sure means a lot to those who can't go!!!  Good luck to you and have plenty of fun.

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Thank you Beth... bookmarked

Thank you Beth... bookmarked :-)


Nelia Duarte

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Thanks for posting!!!

Looking forward to following along!!




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Do you have scores for OB/Rally?

Thanks for the link & timely results!

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OB/Rally Scores

Here you go:

Novice B

1st - 185

2nd - 184

Open A

1st - 187 1/2

Open B

1st - 188


Novice A

1st - 95

2nd - 94

3rd - 85

4th - 81

Advanced B

1st 98

2nd 84

Excellent B

1st  - 99

2nd - 94



Wimsey Bulldogs