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look at my puppy

would it be possible for you experienced show doggers here to take a look at my boy and give me honest opinions..

He is 10 weeks old


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He looks adorable Louise x

He looks adorable

Louise x

nice looking bully..

Good luck with him

Nice boy

He looks really nice but he still has a lot of growing to do.   In the next few months he'll go through what I call the "fuglies" with some really strange growth spurts.  You just have to wait it out and make no decisions about him during that time. 


Good luck



He is a good looking boy. Who is he out of?

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he has cherokee, littleponds

he has cherokee, littleponds ,helfryers in his pedigree.. if you want a rundown, just email me..




no wonder I love him...I have cherokee and littleponds too..nm


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Looks really nice...Good luck with him!

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Im new to BDW

But that is an awsome looking bully!!!! BEAUTIFUL, and looks like a natural. {i dont show dogs - not an expert lol}


Rocco "The Bull" Capone