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I would like to hear your thoughts on what happened at Crufts.

Here is the story...

I believe this is the begining of a forced breed standard change in our Bulldogs. I have heard chatter about it for a while. What is your all's take as breeders and show dog owners on this happening?


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I think....

if we are not careful this could happen here.  Plus with the bulldog being in the AKC top 10 doesn't help.  Lots of people breed just to make a buck.  What they are breeding is crap and give the rest of us a bad name.  Now I also think that a dog show judge can also make a change.  Many times a dog wins not because it's the best but of who is at the end of the lead. 

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I tend to agree with you on both points.

This is coming to us sooner than later if we don't take care. And I think judges are totally wrong at times, and I don't even show. Westminster this year is a good example:-) But maybe because I don't like the little fluffy dogs, I would have chosen the Doberman or the Irish Setter. Both were perfect and had that winning attitude. The Dobe slightly less in Best of show than she had in her class, but lovely none-the-less. Or the German Shepard. Great dog. I wonder why the judge picked the Peke. It would have been my last choice.

Ok, off that topic:-) I am involved in the horse world and sadly, judges are the same. I can tell you who will win, place, and show by who the judge is and who is showing which horse. I dont' show for that specific reason. Why bother.


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Crufts had nothing to do with the judge....

Westminster is a show that is a the largest televised show and IMO not a great example of what really happens at shows.  It is the specticle of all shows.  All breed shows IMO are never the best example of best breed type being winners. where you will find your best breed type winning is Breed specialty shows, because the judges are Breeder Judges.  

The Dobe was gorgeous....BUT the Peke is gorgeous as well,  a lovely dog with beautiful breed type.  He was my pick equally shared with the Dobe. I know Dobes and that was a lovely bitch, owner, breeder handled.  As a spectator you don't have the chance to get your hands on the dog.  They are judged against their own breed standard, not against each other.  That Peke is one of the winningest Pekes ever and very deserving of that win.

The bulldog IMO was not the best dog in the class and would definitely not have won the breed under me.  He does not have as nice of a jaw (turnup, length and width), length of back, topline and movement as Brix (#1 Bulldog 2011) or Bentley (2010 National Specialty Winner).  I'm not surprised he didn't make the cut.  The BOS bitch is lovely and deserved her award.

The German Shepherd breed has been ruined IMO.  Have you ever looked at their rear ends and the brains on the show ones are gone. 

There is politics in everything you do AND not all of the judges are political and there are some very good judges. 

I showed horses for 30 years....was not in the rich crowd BUT did my share of winning at big shows.  You have to have a good horse, if you don't then you aren't going to win with the big boys.  I had a great horse and she held her ground against mutiple winning national champions, with a trainer not in the BIG names and me.  I loved beating the big names and we did our share of it.  As a 3 year old I showed her myself in the western pleasure Pro classes so I wouldn't rack up non-pro points and was always winning those classes over the it can be done, you just have to be good and have the horse power under you.

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The horse show world has changed much.

I used to show in halter as well. Did a little Western Pleasure as well. I always came into the ribbons.

I have a very good friend who has had some of the top halter horses in the world. When she started, her horses won top championships fairly often according to what the horse was, not who was handling or owned it. She went to Bayer Slect and World Congress a few years ago whith her top Halter gelding. Before she went, she told me who would come into the ribbons and in what order. Do you know, she was completely correct. She came in sixth in World Congress, 7th at Bayer Select. Times have changed in the horse workd, sadly, it isn't always who has the best horse that wins.


Amy and Sophia

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I agree with the German Shepard show breedig. It is out of hand and they have ruined what was a great dog. I have had German Sheps my whole life in some fashion or another and love the breed, but hate the issues that have come from breeding those danged sloped hips for the shows. Ugh.

I also am a huge Doberman fan. I have my girl Kora still and had Dodger for 9 years before her. I love this breed, and that female sure did shine in Westminster this year, I loved her. I guess the Peke was ok. I am not a fan of that breed and am willing to admit I just didn't like that little dog. If he/she deserved that win, then I am glad it took best in show.


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I was at Crufts this year

The whole thing was nothing more than a witch hunt against the specified 15 breeds.

I spent all day at the side of the Bulldog ring and saw no less than 4 kennel club employees watching every move in the ring.

In the 12 years I have attended this show I have never seen this before.

After Best of breed was judged and the rossette given, but not the certificate, (this was withheld until afer the vets decision) the KC employees entered the ring and escorted the Bulldog and handler into the vets room.

The Dog had won 22 cc's previously, one of which had been awarded by the judge that was awarding best in show this year ! 

At another show earlier in the year the owner and handler had volunteered to undergo the vet check before it became compulsory at crufts.  The dog passed, no issues with the eyes, skin or movement and was allowed to continue into the group.

At crufts the vet decided to disqualify the Bulldog as there was a mark/scar on the eyeball.  This scar is from an injury whilst it was a puppy, the handler informed the vet that this was the case, but he ignored her and still signed the disqualify sheet.

The owners own vet has examined the eye and found no signs of any infection, eyelid issues etc etc. The clumber spaniel that was also dq'd has had independant eye checks and found to have no problems, despite entropion and conjunctivitus being the reasons he has thrown out of crufts ! 

Our KC have ruined their own reputation worldwide with their actions.  

A group called the canine alliance has been set up to hold meetings with the kennel club and try to sort out this unholy mess they have created. No one is against health checks, tests etc but we are all against discriminating against a handful of breeds and humiliating breeders and judges in this way.

I do honestly believe that whoever won Bulldog best of breed this year was not going to pass the vet check, it feels as though the vet was instructed to find a problem and  disqualify the Bulldog to make it appear to the anti Bulldog brigade that they are addressing their concerns.

Lynn (UK)


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AKC's Response

THANK YOU AMERICA... This is what Dennis Sprung, President of the American Kennel Club, had to say about the elimination of the Bulldog, Pekingese, and Clumber at Crufts:

"AKC will NEVER allow any such practice to occur. Our Parent Clubs own their respective standard and we support them 100 percent. Furthermore a Judges' decision is final and we respect that as well. The situation is a very disappointing one here from the point of view of breeders, exhibitors and judges and fanciers from around the world. In summary while our PCs have a right to be upset and concerned I will never allow this wrongful practice in America. Never!"

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What happened at Crufts

had nothing to do with the breed standard or genetics. The bitch is a gorgeous lovely lovely bitch, with beautiful breed type and is VERY HEALTHY.  She has passed a number of health tests and certs.  The vet was a horse vet, used a light to flash in the eye and saw an old injury.  The UK says no devices are to be used in the vet examine, only visual.  The bitch just passed her eye exam in December 2011.  She has 22 CC's.  They targeted 15 breeds and then didn't even follow their own rules.

It is a WITCH HUNT!  

She was awarded BOB and then the vet didn;t pass her to show in the Group.  There were 4 other breeds stripped of there win by this vet....who was an equine vet no less.  I'm sure none of the canine vets wanted to have anything to do with this.

I can get more info just can't do it now at work. 

This is our PETA and other animal hating organizations at work and the UK should be embarassed by this all. 

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Thanks for the good information Deb.

I didn't know this. Unbelieveable.


Amy and Sophia

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warning **explicit language**

thats a load of bullshit.  these dogs have been bred to the best health possible for our standard.  it is totaly breedism (like racism, but breed) i was furious


Silverback's Immaculate Interception, "James"

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LOL! But tell me what you really think!

HA ha!! That was my response as well! What a crock.


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