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hrry picture from today

Harry received his championship 9 months  of age..( I am in Canada).

Best pup in breed.. BOW and winners dog

and I met Jay S.

Hoping to take him to detroit , cobo hall.




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Quite an accomplishment at such a young age.

A 2+ y/o male I bred and co-own has 6 of his Canadian points, he got his AKC Ch in Sept.

FYI - Cobo Hall is a pain to get into and out of, also in a crime riddled area. Be Careful!

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He is very handsome!


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Very Nice!

Nice Looking Boy....

Congratulations on his Champion title and wish you a fast finish for his AKC title!

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Huge congrats to you both!!

What a handsome boy:-) Congrats!


Amy and Sophia


Congrats! Well deserved. He looks great, especially considering his age!


CH Biggie Smalls