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Has anyone ever heard of

Whispering pines treasures bulldogs from Oaklahoma?

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no, but i'm not in the know about that region

i live in hawaii so thats way outta my loop!


Silverback's Immaculate Interception, "James"

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IMO - If you are looking

for a puppy I would continue your search for a repurtable breeder that is concerned about the standard, health and temperment of the breed. There are really plenty of breeders like myself that care deeply for this breed and don't breed for the sake of selling a puppy.   It is obvious these people are simply lining their pockets with money.  There website is full of redflags.

They are not doing any health testing or showing and their bitches are of pet quality as well as the male they are offering at stud. 

If you google you will find that they also have Frenchies and Havenese...which IMO makes them puppy millers.