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Harry , 13 weeks old

Harry had his first conformation class.. not the most energenic dog , am use to crazy charlie the table jumper.

Anyways here are some pics..

what do you think and don't be worried about saying something negative.



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Very nice.  Female at 11

Very nice.  Female at 11 weeks 15lbs and I am hoping to show her as well


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Good looking boy

He needs his nails trimmed!  LOL

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I just had them trimmed 3

I just had them trimmed 3 days ago LOL



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Seems like their nails grow  faster than their hair does.  LOL

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If you are having someone clipping the nails they aren't getting them short enough.  If you don't know how to dremel find someone that can teach you and start doing them yourself every week.  They really do need to be shorter.

There are a number of video's on You tube: