First Home Bred- New Champion- Gunny

Announcing Ch.Clarks Gunnery Sgt. Rickowski, for finishing his Championship , under Breeder Judge Spencer Pinegar, at the Tyler TX Kennel Club. 17 October, 2010. Expertly handled by Bob Pittman, Owners: David and Denise Clark, Bob Pittman, Ward Mcafee. Breeders: Don and Kim Bryson, David and Denise Clark. Sir: Ch. Adamant Warlock, Dam: Ch. Clarks Duchess of Westbury.

It was an explosive moment when Gunny was pulled as Winners Dog for his final points, handled by Bob Pittman. After the screaming and whooping died down, and the tears of joy were wiped away, the stats began to roll through my head:

This is Denise Clarks 10th Champion, making her HoF eligible.
This is Duchess' first Champion, beginning her road to a HoF Brood Bitch award.
This is Kim and my first "Home Bred Champion", and yes it is very very sweet.
Especially nice to finish after celebrating the birth of his first litter of two beautiful lil girls. Way to go Gunny!

In the wings are Wizard, and Stewie. They too, will join thier brother in the Champion club.

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Don and Kim, I couldn't be happier for you guys!

What a great accomplishment! Congratulations on your first home bred New Champion:-)


Amy and Sophia

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Sounds VERY sweet!!!  Congrats!


Shelley Jollimore

OnDaGo Bulldogs

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Way to go.  Congratulations everyone.


Nelia Duarte

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Congratulations Don And Kim

I am so happy for you.  It has been great seeing you at the shows.  Of course I always love seeiing Stewie and Wizard, my two favorite boys.  Merry Christmas to you two.


my grandson Weston and JulieNikki

Thanks Nikki

Thanks Nikki, give Julie a big hug and your new boy too. We will be traveling down to Glen Rose, and see if we can get another Ch.finished. He is such a dream to handle and is very very competitve.