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conformation class 2

Harry, 14 weeks old, in his second conformation training..

We are starting to dremel his nails.. got the front ones done...(after the class)..he was vey fussy so we will save back ones for next week..

I will get his nails dremeled weekly..

Nails is just one thing I cannot do..

si the pics are without nail dremmling..mind you he had them cut a few days ago..guess the groomers are too afaraidof going short.

How often do you guys/gals cut nails.



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I tap mine off every Monday even when they are short!  They get very used to it and lift their feet up for me to do it.  I dremmel to the count of 4 on each toe sometimes twice each depending how long they are.  Remember those things can really heat up so do it and count to 4 on each toe.  My opinion.  They seem to grow fast and need to be done weekly.  Good luck!

very nice puppy there

very nice puppy there