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ALL BULLDOGGERS. We are updating our "Vets By State" listings....

And we need full cooperation from ALL of you. Please send me an email with the name, address, phone numbers, city and state of all Veterinarians that are known to be Bulldog vets or have a large Bulldog owner clientele. We will be updating the list over the next few weeks with the information we receive. We will also be calling the older names on the list to make certain they are still seeing and treating Bulldogs, or have a Bully specialist or knowledgeable Vet on staff. If so, they will remain on our list, if not we will remove them to save time in the hunt for a Bully vet when one is needed.

You may either email me privately at [email protected], or private message me with the information. Please don't post it on the site, that could get confusing:-) 

Thanks so much! Our goal is to have and keep the most current, reliable information for all Bulldog owners that we can here on Bulldogsworld. We want all of you to have completely credible information at your fingertips for the health and well being of these beautiful Bullies we all love.

Thank you,

The Moderators:-)


Amy and Sophia

My vet is awesome.

Andover Animal Hospital

233 Lowell Street, Andover, MA 


Dr. Lincoln & Dr. Karamadi

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Thank you, I will make sure they are on the list.

I appreciate it:-)


Amy and Sophia