Zits and blister like bumps on chin

Phoebe has no other skin issue but lately she has had blistery zit like bumps on her chin. I am cleaning them regularly but do not really know what would be best to clear them up. I have tried polysporin but with no results plus she wipes the cream on her feet and licks it off. Any suggestions would be appreciated as to how to get this cleared up and ideas as to what might cause it. Thanks.

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That would be acne no?i used

That would be acne no?i used canesten for the redness

and itch (used in on his folds as well) n tried to keep

my archie's face as clean as possible but in his case he

had a very mild case of it 

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She's a puppy right?

It is adolescent acne and it seems they all get it. All 6 of mine have had it as puppies. It will go away as they get older. Just try to keep it dry, wipe the chin after drinking and eating. You can use an astringent type wipe if you want, try to avoid anything with alcohol as it stings. I like to use cosmetic pads sprayed with something like Gentocin, Vetricyn and I also have a spray with tea tree oil that I've used.

Hershey had Puppy Acne - a dose of antibiotics . . .

Hershey was on Antibiotics for about 2 weeks, and his Chin is all clear now. It was a case of Puppy Acne, that just wouldnt heal properly without the antibiotics.


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

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My bullie gets pimples on her chin when she is allergic to something.  I originally found out that she is allergic to plastic (kong toys especially) when she was a pup and got big, gross, pimples on her chin and edges of her lips.  And recently found out she's allergic to barley, when I switched her food and she once again got the gross pimples...which immediately began to clear up when I changed to a barley free food.