Yeast or Fungal infection story

I just need to vent to someone that can relate to what I'm going through.  My sweet 9 year old bully is dealing with what may be the most frustrating thing that has happened in his long, healthy life.  About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a small crusty spot near his tail pocket.  I wasn't too alarmed, just used some Mal-A-Ket wipes and Gold Bond on it.  But it seemed to grow a bit.  I had the Vet look at it, and they said that it "might" be a fungal infection (not ringworm, but similar) and immediately put him on oral Ketoconazole.  Within about a week, he was so lethargic that he didn't even want to get out of bed, much less eat.  I took him off it, within a day he snapped back.  But the infection is still there.  The Vet tried Tresaderm.  But about the third time I put it on, it seemed to burn so bad that he ran in circles for about 5 mins.  Luckily, I have some Neo Predef powder and it has been a god send to stop the itching and burning when he needs it.  Now I've taken him off the Tresederm too.  But after looking more online, I'm thinking it's a yeast infection (a bit crusty and dry, with somewhat of a yellow tint in parts).  It's accompanied by a little redness between some of his toes too.  Now I'm going to try Malaseb shampoo, and continue the Neo Predef.  Using the Neo Predef about 3 times a day (I hope that's not too much?), and during the night if he wakes me itching.  I feel so bad for my baby.  He seems fine, then suddenly begins "circling" as if it's really bothering him.  Then he looks so sad, because I know he feels that he's worrying or not pleasing me.  Worrying yes, but he is always my pride and joy.  I'm trying everything that I know to do, but am getting a bit hopeless and frustrated.  I just want him to be comfortable.  Thanks for listening/reading.  And any advice or encouragement is welcomed!  

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Make sure

he doesn't have a flea.    Did the vet scrap the crusty spot to determine what it was....   OR just start him on drugs? 

Thanks for the response Deb. 

Thanks for the response Deb.  It wasnt a flea.  I wish it was something that simple though.  The Vet didn't do a scrape, but I'm going to suggest it this week if it's not looking better.  She's a great Vet, has my baby's interest at heart always.  None of us anticipated the awful reaction he's had to these commonly used drugs.  I did the first lather with Malaseb shampoo tonight, and just powdered it with Neo Predef.  He seems comfortable right now (snoring).  Fingers crossed!

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If it is yeast...

The malaseb will help.  Any chance it could be a staph infection tho?  That can look crusty.  That would need antibiotics to clear up. 

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Sounds similar to the bacterial infections onslow gets

but vet has to check for that.  We put him on Cephalexin (which is longer than the other medication we tried, have to give about 3 weeks) but it always clears him up.  The medicated baths help alot to (for us)


Thank you so much to everyone

Thank you so much to everyone for your responses!  Three days of the Malaseb shampoo, and occasional powdering with the Neo Predef seems to be helping slowly.  The crustiness is gradually shrinking.  He was a little more like himself this evening at times, until he started the excessive slobbering/drooling stuff that he hasn't done in awhile.  I suspect that it's all tied together though.  It must be very frustrating to have an itch in a spot that you can't scratch!