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yeast infection

Good morning! Tuffy has been licking his paws nonstop and scratching his ear and the vet did a test and said it's a yeast infection and prescribed an antibiotic. Is there anything I can do for his paws though? He seems very uncomfortable. Maybe Epson salt soak? If so, can someone tell me how much to create the solution and how long to soak?




you can try an antibotic

you can try an antibotic cream or an anti itch cream on his feet, my girl just go tover a yeast infection, you can also try giving Tuffy a benedrly for the itching, hope he feels better soon


I may have a cure for Mr. Tuffy!!!

 my Tonka did the same thing, he would lick his paw until it actually would have pus in it.. my Vet said this was interdigital cyst.. she said have him soak it in Epsom salts for AT least 10 minutes.. I found the easiest way to get my boy to sit still enough for 10 minutes was to put him in the tub with the Epsom salts in the water, covering his feet i would allow him to slowly lick a popcicle but the time he got done actually eating it, it was about 10 minutes..also, while he is in the tub, use some Phisoderm cleansing cream ( a few squirts) and just rub rub rub his paw with it, it will not lather up,  then rinse him off... and make sure to get his feet good and dry.. I did this about 3 times, and noticed it cleared up!!!!   its worth a try...