Wish us luck...Farley is headed to the Vet tonight...

He turned up completley lame on both his back legs tonight.  He is my special boy almost 4 dealing with Spina Bifida, hip displasia, secondary degenerative joint disease, luxating patellas and two torn acl's last summer.  He's not a surgical candiate and is on Rimadyl right now.  Hoping this is just a nerve issue or soemthing easy...but my gut tells me otherwise.  :( 

Good luck Farley

Hugs to the patient and let us know what the vet has to say.


Lynn King CPDT-KA

Thank you! We are doing a tramadol/NSAID cocktail

for a few days and then going to start discussions on laser therapy.  He's only going to be medically managed at this point because even this Vet agrees that if we fix one issue we will irriatate the others and looking at $10k plus in surgeries with poor outcome down the throat is a hard thing to swallow 

Tramadol is a pretty good medication

its been very effective when I have had to use it for my dogs.

I've taken Tramadol, prescribed when other meds did nothing and/or made me sick to my stomach.

Hope Farley feels better


Lynn King CPDT-KA

I hope this works for the poor guy.

I've also had good luck with Tramadol. 


Thanks! He's a little spacey but seems to be in less pain

He is walking pretty "normal" but has a slight limp this morning but MUCH better than last night.  He's on the Tramadol 3x a day and has had 2 doses so today will be our first "full" day I am anxious to see how he does, the Vet says I can cut back to twice a day if he's really lethargic and spacey though.