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whats is the best way to treat demodex?

my little girl penelope has come down with mite just after she got her last set of shots an then a week later rabies shot then the next thing I knew she broke out with heart goes out for her so if any one can tell me what the best corse of action would be I would really be thankful.I'm back to the vet friday to tell him the cream ( fuciderm) isn't working. but if anyone could tell me what to look for or ask for it would be great 

Thanks Alot........



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Rabies shot

I and all the reputable breeders I know recommend not giving the rabies shot at 16 weeks with the final set.  Just too much strain on the poor puppies immune system.  My contract says after 6 months preferably 1 year.  Unfortunately its the law in many states and vet just give it no matter what.  My vet doesn't give anything I tell him not to give.  It is my dog.

I only have experience with Ivermection and would use it again.  The Goodwinal stuff I have heard is not very effective.  Your other option is dips...and IMO neither is great but I don't like the dips at all.  The Ivermection should be administered orally, started at a very low dose and increased.  Monitor the dog for any illness.  This was originally horse wormer.  Scrapes are done every 2 weeks and you should have positive results and be done by 6 weeks.  Alos boost the immune system with a good supplement.  You can do all those pills everyone mentions, but I like keeping it simple with Missing Link or something similar and Wild Salmon Oil.

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Onslow had a severe case as a pup and we had to use Ivermectin.


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Same here.

Molly got it after the last round of vaccines, including rabbies.  She was on it for 6 weeks and then it cleared up, but took awhile for her fur to grow back in some spots!  


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thanks to everyone,I'll have

thanks to everyone,I'll have to ask the vet about it.I need something that works an hopefully that will be it


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