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Want your opinion

I receive emails from Mercola - I like their dog-related health info.

Anyways, this week they sent info on a new dog food allergy test. It determines whether a dog is sensitive to certain foods by testing saliva samples.

I'm curious about this - wondering what your thoughts are on this.....

Mercola has some good stuff

My sister uses their stuff on her husky mixes. i tried the all-natural flea stuff on Q-Ball, and he had a horrible skin reaction. Of course...
As for the food allergies, I don't know if i would do it. It seems as though allergies can be so inter-related (eg: allergic to grains, potatoes, dust, grass, etc).
I have had good success with going grain and potato free and boosting the immune system with a high quality food, probiotics, and vitamin supplement (I use NuVet). Q has no tear stains and is very healthy. You would never know he's over 8 years!