Vommit in the morning...

My 7 month old bully just started vommiting early mornings at about 5 o'clock. Now I have read it could be because and empty stomach, but it looks like food mushed up not bile. I feed them twice once in morning around 7am depending on the morning and once at night anywhere between 5 and 8... Any ideas? I do give them treats  randomly throughout the day so I don't know am I not feeding enough?? 1 cup morning 1 cup at night... Should I feed an extra 1/2 cup right before bed? Any ideas would be great! 

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I have a dog that will vomit up what ever is in her stomach...

If I don't feed her at 12 hour intervals. I would try feeding at your regular time in the morning, then give a small fat free snack in the afternoon, then feed again 12 hours after breakfast. If you feed early in the evening, a snack before bedtime would be good. Make sure you are giving healthy, non-fat snacks, or weight gain could be an issue down the road. To help a little more with digestion, add 1 tablespoon of plain, fat free yogurt in each meal. It will help with any digestin issues your pup could be having. 

Another thought...are you feeding a good, grain free adult food? That is what I recommend for puppies...


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I feed them pinnacle turkey

I feed them pinnacle turkey and potato grain free. There treats are Tillman treats but I had some organic treats they really liked. And suggestions on a good fat free snack? I will have to try the yogurt. Heard it works well. 

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my boy was a vomiter

every morning right after he woke up, and right on the wool carpet too. I started feeding 3 times a day (2/3 cup each feed) and he now never vomits.



Thanks for the input. I will

Thanks for the input. I will try to spread out their meals. See if it works. I also just bought some non fat yogurt. I added a tablespoon in. 

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Audrey used to vomit every day also

in the am. Whole undigested food from the night before. We tried grain free food, but she still vomited. We switched her to raw and she stopped am vomiting immediately, from that first raw meal!

She had some bile vomiting problems also, and that stopped when we stopped feeding her at such regimented times. Now she gets fed at more random times and does not bile vomit anymore either. 


Cathy and Audrey  

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Kibby use to do this...

Most of the time it was just yellow bile, but sometimes it was food. When it was too much food, with too much mucous, it turned out o be pneumonia... I feed her 4 times a day! 6 am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am... Luckily our schedules permit this! I do half a cup with table spoon of wet each time. Good luck!


sincerely, christine

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I'm glad you posted this....

this is what I was coming here to search for.  Maggie vomits sometimes early in the morning or occasionally in the evenings.  It is typically only bile.  It seems if we wait more than 12 hours between feedings, that's when she does it more often.  I have started using the fat free plain yogurt (mainly because Sadie keeps getting vaginosis) but I'm glad to see that may help.  Hubby's schedule and mine sometimes overlap, so there are occasions when she doesn't get fed at regular times.