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Virgin Coconut Oil

Does anyone use VCO for their pets?  What do you use it for?  I was considering on using it for Fatboys ear infections he's been prone to getting lately.  Any suggestions?  I don't want to keep taking him to the vet for medications that might make him worse.  The last time he received meds for an ear infection, he ended up with aspiration pnemonia because those meds were too strong (made him vomit). 


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I just feed it to mine on

I just feed it to mine on their evening meal.   I do believe it kept my bully's fur thick and healthy.   I started giving it to her after she had been on antibiotics for skin issues.

I feed it to Kofi also

plus I rub it on her nose if it seems to get dry.

Reading about the benefits here started me on it. I also feed Kofi raw, and she has had few problems with anything since.

You will find a wealth of info by googling benefits.

I eat it too!


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I feed it to Vern as well.  I

I feed it to Vern as well.  I add a heaping teaspoon to each meal and he licks it up.  I have also rubbed it into his nose when his nose looked dry.  His fur is thick and soft and I don't know if its from the coconut oil or the Wellness dog food, but whatever it is he is very plush :)

For ears, I think I would stick w/the traditional ear treatments and try to figure out what is causing the ear infections.....

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I think it's his food. We've switched over to dehydrated raw

Honest Kitchen because it's the only thing he will eat (literally).  And he loves it too.  The thing is, I think he's allergic to beef.  It seems that the more protein he gets, the more skin issues he has.  But HK has never been consistent and we're not liking the random issues he's been getting since he's been on it.  So now we're switching him over to Fromm.  Hopefully he does well on this.


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