Very tight screw tail and scooting

Hi everyone - my bulldog, Bosco, has a very tight screw tail and he scoots. When my husband and I woke up yesterday morning we saw blood on the comforter and realized it was coming from Bosco's tail. We took him to the vet and, after shaving off some of his fur, she said he scooted so much that he rubbed some of the skin raw and gave himself a nickel sized, red, and angry looking sore, that's why he is bleeding. Our vet also said that, because Bosco has a very tight screw tail, he isn't getting any fresh air under there, which is causing a consistent case of 'diaper rash' and that iwhy he scoots. So, we have been told to keep the area under his tail clean and wash under there daily with a wet nap (we do that already) and to put an rx topical ointment on it to bring down the inflamation. My vet also told me that I have to keep it dry under there, so the raw, red skin under his tail can dry out and heal. Once we get the diaper rash healed he will stop scooting. Any ideas how I can dry it out under his tail and what I can put under there to help absorb moisture? Also any thoughts on what I can do to make him more comfortable in the interim so he doesn't scoot? I really want that wound to heal on the outside because it is sore and sensitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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We have two with tight tails.

What I do is put them in the shower once a week, wet the area with the hand held shower head and get malaseb shampoo in there with my finger. Then I rinse with the hand held and dry with an cotton cosmetic pad. I use a picnic ketchup bottle with a pointy end to squirt gold bond medicated powder in there.  That usually keeps it clean for a few days. also, food can make a difference on how much gunk there is.  Grain free is usually better.  

Thank you!

Thank you for the tips, Kathy. I have not tried malaseb shampoo or drying him with a cotton cosmetic pad, I'll give that a try. The ketchup bottle and Gold Bond also sounds like a great idea, perhaps with this he will feel better. Bosco eats Canine Caviar lamb and pearl millet, so he is on a grain free food, but some of his treats have grain in them. Perhaps I should eliminate those from his diet and see how he does. Any thoughts on how long it will take for him to start to heal up down there? Poor guy is sore...

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Yes, definitely watch the treats They do make grain free...

Also apples and carrots are good. It should heal up in a week or so.  We have also given benedryl to Newman when he's having an itch problem. 

the same thing just happened to Gracie....

She had scooted on her butt every so often so we thought she needed her anal glands expressed.  Then she kept doing it more and more. So I washed her every other day with the medicated soap, then put on desitin. Well, little did I realize that it was her actual TAIL that was bothering her.  I noticed blood on her blanket and when I took a closer look - I moved her hair around her tail and saw a big very red sore.  I was horrified.  So I washed it and cleaned it with the medicated soap, then kept putting desitin on it which usually helps a lot.  But then I went to the vet and she put her on 2 pills, a steroid and an antibiotic.  I cannot even believe how great this worked.  her tail is completely healed and she hasn't scooted for a week.  So now I will keep my eye on it and wash and put desitin on it.  The desitin works great for keeping the area dry and clean.  Also, the vet told me Gracie needs to lose 10 lbs because the skin surrounded her tail needs to be pushed back when I wash her.  Right now she weight 67 lbs.  I will try to get her to 60 lbs.  Anyway, try the desitin as I have always had luck with it!

Yes - exactly!

That sounds exactly like what happened to poor Bosco! I kept taking him to the vet to get his anal glands expressed and it actually was this diaper rash, leading to this sore on his tail. Bosco is on a steroid cream right now but once he is done with that I am going to check out the Desitin. If we can heal the raw, sore skin under his tail he will stop scooting and we won't have another tail wound. And, if putting Desitin under his tail might help with that, I'm all for trying it! I'm so happy that your girl is feeling better and not scooting anymore, I hope Bosco follows suit. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!

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Hope Bosco and all the other babies get better---this is GREAT

info for my Sophie, too...we have a similar problem, except hers also involves an inverted vulva.. ...I'm going to post a separte

thread to get more info......anyway, I appreciate everything I learned on this thread so far...thanks, errrybullllly!!!  :-) 


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