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Very dry nose


Winston, my soon to be 12 bulldog, has a very, very dry nose. And in his grumpy old age, he will allow me to put anything on his nose (he snaps). Is there anything I can give him internally?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks Karen


Karen and Winston

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Fish oil capsules might help...

start slowly with one capsule and work up to two.  The only way to really get rid of it is to use Aquaphor or something similar on it.  Can you have someone distract him while you put a smear on?  We've found that putting peanut butter on a paper plate and then letting them lick it off pretty much gets their minds off everything else.

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I use bag balm

but if I don`t do it daily, it dries out right away. Mr. Higgins hates me doing anything to him or putting anything on him. (well he loves getting his teeth brushed as he is addicted to the chicken toothpaste). Treats work wonders! I just say "cream on your nose, cookies! He reluctantly submits. There is so much to do to the poor guy. Wrinkle care, lacrilube in eyes al least once a day, tail pocket care, nose. It is all worth it if done as a routine.


Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil on my two bullies... they love the smell of it... It's not too easy getting it on them, but what is easy about a bulldog (right).. I use it in their rope too - it's good for yeast infections!!!