UTI --- Blood dripping from Vulva

Hi there, I am having complications with my Babe Ruth again. The past sat I noticed she was drinking alot of water again, this past monday morning I noticed some blood droplets. My hubby brought her in and they did a urinaylis and culture. We are waiting on the culture results however the dr did say she had a Nasty UTI and started her on Baytril. Monday when I got home from work I brought her for a walk and noticed a lot of blood sprayed on her legs when we got back. I cleaned her up and went on with the evening. She tends to leak bloody fluid when she is walking, and I haven't noticed any blood in her urine. This morning again she was leaking on her morning walk but nothing over the evening.

Called the vet and I'm waiting on a call back from her culture results.

Anyone have anything similar and could maybe shed some light on what's going on?

On a side note Babe was diagnosed with GME on June 3rd and is on 2 immune suppresnt drugs. She first aquired a UTI mid June. She tested clear 2 weeks ago. So this has been going on since mid June.

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UTI Irritation

I would think the blood is probably from the irritation of the UTI. Is she also scooting or rubbing her girl parts that could also cause irritation. I suspect when as the UTI clears up her blood will subside.

Is she spayed?

Yes she is spayed and no

Yes she is spayed and no rubbing or dragging.  The drip is less, however the smell is still horrible.  I try to wipe and clean the vulva area three times a day still waiting on the culture

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You can aid in her recovery and in keeping UTI's away by...

Adding cranberry pills with vitamin c to her diet daily. I buy Spring Valley brand from Walmart, the 4200 mg ones. I give one pill a day, and haven't had a dog with a UTI since I began giving it.


Amy and Sophia

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Bad Smell = Infection

Baytril is good, lets hope that gets her all fixed up. Poor girl!

My worry was Pyometra but since she is spayed that shouldn't be the problem. Pyo has a very nasty smell.

The culture came back today

The culture came back today and it is a staph UTI. The last one was an Ecoli.

These infections have been going on since mid June.
She pretty much has no immune system due to the drugs to treat her GME.

Hoping that she has no more infections.

She has had Oral ulcerations that caused bleeding twice. One was really bad she had to be hospitalized for a day for fluids because she had so much blood loose.

She is on Essiac to help filter and clean her blood, cranberry supplements, denamarin, VSL#3 (probiotic), and 2 other supples the hollistic vet recommeneded.

She just needs to catch a brake.

The bloody dripping has seemed to change a bit. Seems to be going away.

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Poor gal


The hollsitic vet recommended

The hollsitic vet recommended adding in slippery elm mixed with local honey to create a paste. I started that on sat, and she is doing great. She was so strong this weekend. We did 4 15 minute walks and 1 ten minute walk yesterday. She was super snuggly and has nothing dripping from her vulva, and no odor (not from her breathe or vulva). Lets see how long i can keep her this way.

Back to Tufts this friday for her 4 months check up on GME and monthly blood work and liver panels.

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Slippery Elm

I've heard of lots of benefits using this. Glad she is feeling better.

Thank you, This disease is

Thank you, This disease is horrible and the side effects to the meds are just as bad if not tended to. I just pray that be the end of december we are able to ween her off the immune suppressents.