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uti.. again... do they really have to use a needle to get pee out??

sorry, I posted on the wrong board earlier...

Hi all,

Kibby has been occassionally peeing in her sleep... she goes out to pee around 7-8 after dinner, but then sometimes pees while she is in deep sleep usually between 11-12, before her midnight snack. She knows that her midnight snack schedule and will usually pee or poo too before we really go to bed.

She has done it like maybe 3 or 4 times within the last 3-4 weeks so I figure I better bring her in just in case. She is usually hard sleeping too, on the couch with me. She doesn't even wake up when she does it and its not like full on amount, but its not like just drippings or anything either... maybe like 2-3 tablespoons full quantity wise.

I figure maybe she is just getting old - she is 8, turning 9.. and I heard that spayed females might do this.. or maybe she was dreaming that she was outside peeing.

Anyways, I am bringing her to vet today to check it out and they told me that rather then me collecting a sample, they want to stick a needle in her to take it out??! is this normal or necessary?? My vet is going under new management and my normal vet is not available until next week. Are they just trying to get more money from me? I have brought in my own pee samples before in a super clean tupperware and they were fine with it before.

any thoughts would be great since my appt is in about in hour from now! Kibby has had maybe 2 utis before in the last 3 yrs... Thanks!


sincerely, christine

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The needle is the best way to get a sterile sample...

It doesn't seem to hurt them, Oreo had it done several times when she had recurrent uti's.  It looks a lot worse than it is.

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This just happened to my friends boxer.

She said she has been peeing when she's asleep and thought it was a uti but tests came back normal.  The vet thinks it is just incontinence when she's really relaxed because it doesn't happen when she's awake  ( no accidents or going more frequently).  My friend also said she notices it happens after she's had a ton of exercise (long run/walk, dog park, playing) and she is just so exhausted afterwards and in a deep sleep that some comes out!  Maybe it is something similar.