Use to be the good dog

I have 2 bullies.  Calamity, my female, who is 7 1/2 years old, has always been the "good dog".  You'd only have to tell her something once (come eat, get in your bed, etc) and task was done.  Meatball, my 3 year old male, made everything difficult.  He was the younger, I'm too cute to listen, think I'll play on the golf course or go for a walk without permission today, stubborn as any bulldog could be, and not afraid to chew on something he knew he shouldn't.  Now the roles have switched.  Meatball is an absolute angel and Calamity has decided that nothing I say applies to her.  She looks at me like I'm stupid & has to be forced inside/outside,  in/out of bed, refuses to budge on a leash, doesn't want to eat unless there's nobody around, could careless about showing her tricks off to the dumb get the picture.  

My question is, is this something that typically happens with age or could it be something else?  As far as bulldogs go she's in good health & routines haven't changed.  She can hear me, she acknowledges me, looks to her bowl or bed like she knows what I'm saying but then just stared as me as if I'm stupid (I swear she has the look)     She's been known to hunt out your clothes if she's upset over a scolding & pee on it (has literally found my husbands 1 sock out of an entire basket of laundry, carried it off just to pee on it). She hasn't done that & doesn't act like anythings wrong until you tell her to do something.  What's the deal?


Calamity and Meatball

Could be a lot of things

Might be something causing pain, maybe her joints hurt a little. Hearing and eyesight may not be as good as they used to be. Mild case of dimentia?

Be patient with her, she is entering her senior years. You may want the vet to do a complete blood workup on her to be sure that nothing serious is going on.

Good luck


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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She's just acting.......

like a woman! :)