Under pads of paws are red.

My 2 year old bulldog always has her under pads red. There is no blood, she licks them all the time. I have removed area rugs, changed floor cleaners, given her foot soaks, clean her paws after she comes in from outside and last allergy medicine. Other wise she is healthy, eats well, sleeps well, her wrinkles are ok and the ears are clean. The only thing I can come up with is she is allergic to grass.

Any advice?


Jersey Girl

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What are you feeding her?

Sometimes food can be a problem for allergic dogs.  Best food for my guys is a grain free food, we use either duck potato or salmon potato.  I had one that was allergic to grass, but it wasn't a year round thing because the grass was different in the winter.  

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here is what I do

Mr. Higgins is a compulsive foot licker and the interdigital spaces get red as well as under the paw. I lift him into the tub and spray his feet, while shampooing only his feet with a dandruff shampoo. Usually I use selsun blue or head and shoulders. (not on his body though), just his feet. After drying really well, his feet do not bother him half as much.I do this when I see him licking a lot. It noticably cuts down on the licking.

I have to be diligent this time of year and try to avoid salt and slush. Keeping them dry is the goal and in summer the problem is not as bad.


I feed her Eagle pack Lamb

I feed her Eagle pack Lamb meal.  Her breeder was feeding her eagle pack and she had no allergies or paw licking for about two weeks,then it started.  I don't see it decrease anytime during the year. Thanks so much.  I will try the selson blue


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switch protiens

i woul consider changing the protien of your food. our bully had this exact issue, our vet told us to stick with cool(eastern medicine philosophy) proteins. he was on chicken and blue berry at the time-grain free, switched to fish and grain free and the redness was gone in a week.



Brewer used to get cysts in

Brewer used to get cysts in between his toes and his paws would be red also. I switched to grain free surf and turf (fish and salmon and veggies) and his paws are all back to normal, along with his hair.


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Fatboy has this problem when he is battling food allergies. You

should try switching to something with low protein and either chicken or turkey to start.  I find that "high" proteins like beef, duck, or lamb are not great for food allergies.


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