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one year ago my bulldog Junior was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine. He is urinary and fecal incontinent, his stool is perpetually mushy (sorry to be a little gross). The neurologist advised us against a biopsy due to the placement of the tumor, he said we could try radiation to attempt to shrink it but it would most certainly destroy any quality of life he has. A year later we are changing diapers 3-4-5 times a day constantly washing sheets for his bed, shampooing our rugs etc. The chronic diarrhea seems to be more of an annoyance to us then him and other than a slight limp he seems perfectly ok. He's nine years old and he's the best dog I've ever adopted. honestly if there's anything we can do to stop the constant diarrhea and a little advice on the best way to keep an incontinent male dog dry (he wears goodnights). I'm at my wits end trying to keep him clean and dry.


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I don't have

any advice, but I feel for you... so sorry the both of you are going through this.... Poor guy.

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While I haven't used it for him I've heard success treating dogs with Imodium, defintely do you own research though.

My little boy has also been taking Metronidazole as well, however it's an antibiotic so it may not be the best route

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a couple of suggestions

Diabac or canned organic pumpkin may help. Many blessings.....

Make sure you ask

your vet about the Imodium. I have a bullmastiff that had some issues and my vet told me to give it to her - she also told me not to tell friends with dogs having the same issues to use Imodium (only because not every dog can take Imodium).... I have heard the pumpkin helps (it can also be used for constipation too, I am assuming you give a little more for that issue) My dogs love pumpkin!!! Hope this helped....

How is he doing now?

Have you had any luck?  So hard to watch them go through all of that.  :(