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Traveling with a new pup (8-9 weeks old)

I am pre planning my trip to pick up Fatboy's future sister.  She will be around 8-9 weeks old when I travel from Los Angeles to New Jersey to get her.  My question is this, is it ok to wait 1-3 days to take her to the vet for a check up?  And will she be ok to be around Fatboy, who is fully vaccinated,  until I can get her to the vet?  


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Breeder Contract

Ask what is in the breeders contract. Most of them will give you 10 days to have the well puppy check. I'm assuming the breeder will have the well puppy check done right before you pickup the puppy as well. They should provide you with all shot records, worm records, a health cert for the flight and their recent well puppy check from their vet.

Ask first to make sure this will be done prior to pickup.