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Toenails discolored - pic

No, not Betty.  But a friend's dog.  His feet don't seem too sore.  The pad is a bit swollen.  He licks his feet a lot, but more of a neurotic thing that he's done most of his life, rather than pain.  Any ideas on what this is?

And as for Betty, she's gotten to where she will go to such a battle to keep the nail clippers from her feet, she WILL bite.  I have to wrap her in a towel, put a pillow over her thashing snarling biting head and lean on it while I snip a few nails.  I've gotten to where I hate to do it because I think she may have a heart attack.  They've gotten so long that I think the angle of her foot when she walks probably aggravates her arthritis.  I don't have a dremel, but I truly don't think it would be any different.  It's a behavior issue now, I even pick up her toe, without any tool in my hand at all, and she'll growl.  Could she have a heart attack in the battle, or should I just do it that way?  


Little Miss Betty Cuteface

Toofie on the left, eyeball on the right


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I have seen that but don't know the cause.

And hey, I feel for ya with the whole toenail thing. Sophia is getting SO bad about it. I use super good clippers that are sharp and precise, never linger over nails or cut them too short, and I only do them now when absolutely necessary. She gets so upset she starts shaking and breathing heavily and I worry she is going to overheat! I wonder, do they do those things on purpose to keep us away?! No, I know they don't, I am only joking, but it is frustrating, isn't it.


Amy and Sophia

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Onslow had the dark toenails

It was from a food allergy for him.  Went away when we switched.  They used to be dark purple up near the cuticle and all clear now.  He also used to chew on them.