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Tears - Wetness Under Eyes

Fiona recently has been having a lot of tears that then stay wet within her folds of her eyes. I have been trying to dry them as best I can and keep them clean, but thought I would check here to see if anyone has any suggestions to help dry them out. Not sure if its allergies that are causing her to have more tears. She did have some red irritation from the wetness that I was able to put some antibiotic powder (NEO-PREDEF) from my vet on it and it cleared it up. Just looking to keep the wetness under control. Thank you!!


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I would have your vet check to see if she has entropian issues.

That is when their eyelids roll in slightly or extremely. It can cause lots of tears from the irritation to the eye. It can also cause an ulcer, which is very serious. I would make an appointment to have your vet check her eyes. Don't let him/her talk you into surgery without a second opinion!


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gracie has the same issue

She has constant watery eyes, one eye is worse than the other.  The vet told me her eyelids fold in slightly which is causing the irritation.  She said to wait a bit and see if she grows out of it.  She is now 3 years old and it's a little better but not completely.  I clean and wipe under her eyes several times a day to keep them dry.  I use dog eye wipes to keep them clean because they can get very smelly.......I want to do everything I can to avoid surgery.  I would definitely have your vet check it out next time you bring her.

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Oliver has a watery eye also...

the vet told us years ago he had a blocked tear duct.  We planned to fix it if he ever had surgery, which thankfully, he hasn't needed.  We just try to keep it dry and use Desitin if it gets raw.