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Tear Staining

I apologise if lots has been wrote on this subject before but I am rather new to the Bullies. I have seen in past articles on the net that people use peroxide mixed with cornflour (cornstartch) to remove the stains. Nobody has actually wrote what strength of peroxide or what type to use . So if anyone could help i would be very grateful or if there are any better remedies out there. I already use the apple cider vinegar in the water as she is a little congested sometimes. Thanks

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I have gotten rid of massive tear stains...

by changing to grain free food and filtered water - we use a Britta pitcher or you can get one that attaches to your faucet.  Better to eliminate them than treat the symptoms.  Newman was horrible when we got him and now his face is snowy white.

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Thank you for your advice. I

Thank you for your advice. I will give it a try

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Kathy is right

I feed a grain free non chicken dog food and I use bottled or filtered water.