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Tail pockets

What is the best way that you have found in cleaning tail pockets?  Olive has a very deep pocket and I clean it weekly with a puppy wipe.  I also put gold bond powder in the deep creases.. The little tail folds get dirty quick.


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Farley has a super deep one too.

Usually I take him outside if it's nice or in the tub and put on some gloves, use a cortizone shampoo and really scrub out his pocket with my finger once a week, get the gold bond in there and it stays pretty clean.  I found wiping him out really did nothing for the "gunk" build- up.  

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I have one that her tail

I have one that her tail removed due to chronic infections. My other girl has tail pocket issues but they are easier to take care of. I have found (after much experimentation) that peroxide works the best for her. I use a warm wash cloth dipped in peroxide!