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tail pocket woes...and uhmmm, other woes.

happy saturday everyone!  so, its hot, humid, miserable and james tail pocket and testicles are chafed and red.  i put lotrimon powder, like they sell for jock itch, thikingit would absord the moisture.  any suggestions?  was this a good idea?


Silverback's Immaculate Interception, "James"

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The powder is a good idea...

We use gold bond for skin irratations. I'm not familiar with what you are using lol. 

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Thanks-- Gold Bond may be better

Lotrimon has medication, so I may just try gold bond. 


Silverback's Immaculate Interception, "James"

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i use...

I use the Gold Bond powder when needed also and when cleaning Diesel's tight tail pocket, if not irritated I use Mal-A-Ket wipes but if he is at all irritated I use Tucks Pads I was told by the breeder I got him from that her vet said to use the Tucks pads because it isnt as painful to the irritated area.


Leesa, Diesel & Molly

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We used to have chronic tail pocket issues but...

Hank had chronic yeast in his nose wrinkle, and a chronically itchy/tight/yeasty tail pocket, until we switched his food to gluten and grain free.  This has been his best summer yet, which coincidentally has also been the hottest and most humid.  Back when it was inflamed or infected we used mal-a-ket wipes, and a GREAT medicated powder from the vet which had a numbing agent so it wouldn't itch or bother him.  Now on his new food (Acana wild prarie) his nose fold is ALWAYS dry and clear (crazy I know....) and his tail has not been an issue.  We do maintance cleanings with the mal-a-ket wipes (which is an antibacterial + anti fungal (yeast) and it seems to keep him clear.  I credit the end of his wrinkle and tail problems to the switch to grain and gluten free food though.  May be worth a try!


- Hank and Mom

Neo Predef

Sounds like Hank....is referring to Neo Predef powder.  EVERY bulldog owner should have this stuff around.  It truly is like a miracle powder for healing.  And, just as an FYI.....it even works great on people to dry up poison ivy!  Amazing stuff.  Just try to keep them from licking it as it will numb their tongue for a bit.

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Hi -

I just had to say hello to you because of your beautiful bulldog pup AND because you are a Steeler fan!!!