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Tail and anal sac infection.

Hello. My bullie is experiencing a problem I've never seen.  He's under a vet's care, taking high potency antibiotics, but they don't seem to be helping. Let me background you: he had surgery on his tail to remove bones that were growing inward and causing him pain. Basically, a tail amputation. This was about two and a half months ago. The surgery has NOT healed and continues to ooze foul-smelling blood and pus.

The infection has now spread into one of his anal glands, which is also oozing the same matter.  Yesterday, I noticed a swelling just above the anal sac drainage site, and now the swollen area has developed its own aperture, and it's also draining!  

 My bully is presently wearing Depends around the house to keep this mess from the carpets, walls and furniture.

The antibiotic he is on is Zeniquin 100mg.  He was given a 10 day supply and is now down to four remaining. They have not seemed to help.  Has anyone else had anything similar happen to their bullies?  Is anal sac removal an option?  I'm afraid this infection could become life-threatening to him, although he seems comfortable, eats well and willingly plays...but I try to keep that to a minimum since it causes that stuff to ooze from his tail and the apertures on his rump. Thanks for reading!



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You need to see a new vet ASAP

This massive infection is not typical for a tail removal...and I'm worried your vet is doing more to cover his butt than take care of your poor dog.

Please take your dog to a bulldog specialist, or if one is not close to you, a local university with a vet college to have a second opinion and consult done.


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My swimming bully buddy!

My swimming bully buddy!

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I'm happy to report that my Tyke's tail condition has improved vastly!  It's still there, but it's not nearly as extreme as it was.  He's now on new antibiotics which have seemed to work.  The drainage is now minimal -- no more need for diapers!  When he's active, tugging on something, running or walking a lot, there is a small amount of seepage, but it appears the new meds are beginning to control that.

His vet is one of the best known bulldog specialists in Colorado, so we're following his directions for the present. Believe me, if there isn't MUCH greater improvement in a couple of weeks, hel'll go to a new vet.

Thanks for responding to my inquiry.  I'm hoping the condition is now under control and will soon go away.



You need to take the dog to a

You need to take the dog to a bulldog specialist. One of my own bulldogs has had a tail amp and as a rescue volunteer, I have re-couped many over the years. This does not sound right. I am wondering if you are in the Northern California area (I saw the GG bridge in your profile pic) if so, you can go to Blue Ravine Animal Hospital in Folsom, very knwledgeable in bulldogs and this surgery. 916-984-0990. You can email me with any questions.
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