Tail Amputation- vet recommendations?

I am in Toronto Canada. After 3 years of battling with an extremely tight tail pocket, and infections that are getting worse, I am now considering surgery. Even though I consider my vet to be very good, Canadian doctors/surgeons just haven't performed this surgery very often. So I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for vets in the North East US- Michigan, NY State, etc. with significant bulldog specific amputation experience? Advice appreciated.

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No real advice but one question....

Are u a member of the bulldog meetup here in Toronto?? We meet up once every couple months at one if the local dog parks. It's great fun for the bullies and we do have a message board where you can ask others questions. Good luck with the tail problem :)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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Bulldog Breeder

You don't happen to know Cindy Madill do you? She is a bulldog breeder from that area. If not I could inquire as to who she might recommend.

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For the expertise you are looking for, I would consult with The Veterinary Emergency Clinic downtown. It is a large referral centre and they can help you with a specialist as well as the surgery.


Thanks all

I have spoken to Cindy Madill in the past, I'll get in touch. I stumbled on the TO Bulldog meetup quite by accident a few weeks ago at Cherry Beach, but it was all puppies- so novice owners. I did join the meet-up, so I'll put it out there. As for the VEC downtown, my Vet is actually quite close location wise to this clinic and I know his recommendations for surgery will be within his circle of experts, and that might be ok for other things, and I'm waiting for him to get back to me, but I want to do my own due diligence so that I pick the best surgeon. I cannot lose this dog, or take chances with inexperience. Heather @ Detroit Bulldog Rescue actually gave me the name of her bully experienced vet who does perform this surgery, so that is comforting if I can't have it done in Ontario. Thank you all for your advice!

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Hi Tara

You can have it done in Ontario/Toronto for sure. I have been a member of various bully groups over the years and have met many people faced with this issue. If you have 100% faith in your vet, he/she should be able to provide a specialist very experienced in the breed. If you do not have that much faith in your vet, there are many in the city who have tons of bully experience. My bully Mr. Higgins has had 7 surgeries and I have trusted my vet Deji Odetoyinbo to provide the best specialist each time. All surgeries have been successful and he is now a healthy 9 year old bully. The other vet clinic in the city I would trust is Don Mills Vet Practise/Danielle Redhill, vet. She actually has a rescue bully who spends his time in the clinic every day Danielle is working. Each member of staff go nuts if a bully enters the clinic. I love them, although they are not my clinic. I have boarded M.H. there when I myself needed surgery and they spoiled him rotten.
I bought my first bully in 1996 and M.H. in 2004 so have been around bullies for some time.
All the best,
Deborah Watson (Mr. Higgins too!)


Thanks Deborah

To this point, I have trusted my vet, but something about this surgery and its potential complications have me a little tense. In ten years of having bulls and fostering bulls, we have yet to have a major surgery beyond spaying/neutering/hernia repair, so I have been VERY lucky. I guess I need to control this part because once he's on the table I won't have any more control?