Swollen Vulva

My 2yr old english bulldog has swollen vulva for 2 wks, no blood, some white-yellowish discharge (it doesn't smell at all). She look normal, just a little picky and more affectionate than normal. She is due for her heat, her las heat was on Sept last year, so I'm very concerned if she has a silent heat or has any infection or if it is normal before heat. She had 2 prior heat with very heavy bleeding.



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Sounds like cycle time!!!

It sounds like its her cycle. Their cycles are like 28 days or so. 

And it's it phases.  If your not sure contact your vet. 

Also they do have cycles 2x a year. 

Let us know. 


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Sounds like it.   Probably nothing to worry about unless you're planning to breed her.  Even if she bled heavily before, she may not this time.  As long as there's no odor, the discharge should be fine.  She may even experience a "silent heat" without bleeding.   They don't all cycle every six months......can vary greatly.     If you were planning to breed her, watch her carefully, and even contact your vet about when to get a progesterone test--that will tell you if she's started cycling.   Good luck!