Sudden death

Hi everyone 

We found our 3 year old bully dead on Easter Sunday morning

. My husband & our 3 year old daughter found our lil guy. He was laying outside on a patch of dirt. It looks as if it might have happened early Sunday morning, he had some blood on his nose. He was completely fine the night before, he was getting wet & running around so we are very sad & dumb founded by this. We are afraid that maybe our neighbor might have given him something toxic since he has brought up to my husband a few times that our dogs bark too much. We also have a bullmastiff, he was the one to usually bark at night. Unfortunately to find out what could have been cause of death prices are steep, I kept getting quotes in the $1000.00. I'm sure that it could have been anything but if someone can share any insight with me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Oh my I'm so sorry - -

That has to be the most horrible experience to wake up too - and I am truely sorry for your loss.

I do not know what area of the country you live in, but I keep my bully inside 95% of the day, never to sleep outside at night, just too many things that can go wrong :(  Dog Napping would of been tops on my list -- followed by poisoning - and temperature issues.

I have no experience with finding the cause of death - if you are that suspicious of the neighbor, do you think the police should be involved?

again, my condolences for your loss


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I am so sorry for your loss

How truly hearbreaking to lose your beloved bully. My heart goes out to you and your family.


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So awful

he was outside all night?  There are quite a few possiblities of what could have happened if he was unsupervised.  Without doing an autopsy you just can't be sure.  So very sorry for your loss.  =(


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I'm so sorry for your loss...

at such a young age especially.  Our first bully died shortly before his 2nd birthday, he had trouble breathing and went into respiratory distress and did have bleeding from his nose and mouth.  We had a necropsy done, but they couldn't determine the cause, they think it was either valley fever (we live in the southwest) or lung cancer.  It was the worst experience of my life and I sympathize with your family.

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Sorry for your loss

Hope you and your family find the peace you need to heal.


I sure hope your neighbor didn't do anything

to your dog. Wouldn't be the first time that a neighbor poisoned a dog for disturbing the peace. But if you suspect him, I would safeguard my other dog and bring him in at night. Hard to say what could have caused the death of your dog, any dog left outside unsupervised, especially at night, cause of death could be a hundred different reasons. Poor guy.


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I am so sorry

I have had a neighbor do that to me. I Had a blue chow . The first day here they come screaming about him. Three days later dead in the back yard . Evil people suck. I took him to the vet he was bleeding out his rear end nose he had been given Rat poision. Sad he was a champion blue chow. I had brought him for my husband as a Christmas gift. He was only three. There was no way he could of stumble on to rat poision in that yard we had walk the yard to make sure it clean and no way he could of ever got out. He was our baby and our pride and joy. I do feel thus lady poision him. We move out of that place right after that the next month. I'm so sorry this happen to you. 



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My deepest condolences o you.

It really could have been anything thing, from natural causes such an an undiagnosed heart issue, to poison. If you have a veterinary college near you they would most likely perform a necropsy for a much discounted cost to you. 

I am so sorry for your loss. 


Amy and Sophia

I'm so very sorry for your

I'm so very sorry for your loss!  There is nothing worse than losing a pet - especially finding them the way you did.  ((hugs))