Still drooling - advice needed on tooth pain or abscess

Well, my baby spent another day drooling excessively and is obviously not himself. As I said in my earlier post, he's had an ear infection for awhile (being treated but difficult to get rid of) and it could be related to that. But considering that there are about a million different things that can cause it, I'm going nuts trying to figure out exactly what it is. The Vet's tried a few things (trying to work the process of elimination to figure it out), but now I'm starting to suspect possible tooth pain or abscess. It's worse after he eats or drinks, he occasionally paws at his face or rubs it against furniture, and his nose seems to be running more than usual. He's going to the Vet on Monday. I'm terrified of having him sedated to check his teeth (especially at his age), but he's obviously miserable at times. This has been going on for almost a week now (off and on) and I've got to do something for him. Please keep us in your thoughts.

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Sending good thoughts for your boy...

please keep us updated.  

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what about a pain killer?

When Mr. Higgins displays the hypersalivation and if it is not nausea, my vet has given me Tramadol for pain, which really works for him. If he drools from nausea he gets 3 tablets of Pepto which also works.
I had previously done videos of the drooling to show my vet.
Best of luck figuring this out. I know how disturbing it is to watch them drool so much.