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Spaying/ fixing female bulldog question

We were all set to get our girl fixed this week- but she is now full on in- heat?

She's 7 months, and we were told to get the surgery at 6 months.. But had to wait.. Now she in heat.. Anyone experience this and know if she can still

Jave the surgery- thinking we have to wit it out now??

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Do Not Spay

when in season.  I'm sure your vet will tell you that.  They can hemorage.  You are best to wait 2 months after her heat cycle is over.  So if she were mine I would plan on a time around the first part of December. 

Keep her away and separated from all intact males and if you have a fenced yard, do not leave her out alone.  She will attract dogs and you don't want any accidents.

Gizmo went into heat 4 days prior to Spay

We had time scheduled off of work etc for the following week, and she went into heat  4 days before her surgery - we went ahead with the surgery, the  Vet said it would not be an issue, however due to her being in heat they had to take a few extra precautions, and it was a couple of extra dollars -

It can be done, riskier yes, but not out of the question.

(This is only from my personal experience, I'm NOT an expert, we left the choice up to our Vet who we trust *TOTALLY 100%*  If he would of said, 'Not recommended, or NO' then we would not of gone through with the surgery at that time)


reschedule if you feel uncomfortable.


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

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But Why

would you take that risk.  It is already a risk to do any surgery, then add to that the possibility of hemorage.   If it is a medical emergency then yes, but in this case it is not, so I would never risk the life of my dog anymore then I have too.  Trusting the vet or not, it is your dog, not the vets, he won't suffer the pain if the dog hemorages, he can't stop it and loses the dog on the table.  It will be your pain.


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Phantom Pregnancy

I agree!    I took my young lab in to be spayed and did not know she was in a phantom pregnancy.    The vet went ahead and did the surgery without contacting me.    It took longer and her tissue was swollen so stitches were not staying in.   It was a long, difficult surgery and I was charged more for it too!    I would have preferred to bring her back when she was not in heat or in a phantom pregnancy.

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Thanks for the indo..

Definitely going to wait until she is completely out of Heat - will be safest and easiest for her to recover from surgery- thanks all