I had my bulldog spayed last week and every time I take her out she pees like 5 times each time and then pees on the carpet. I took her back to the vet and they put her on clavamox which she has been taking since Tuesday night. she  still pees like 5 times each time.  I couldn't get enough urine for them to send away. They did a dip stick test and its didn't show a UTI or blood in her urine. I have to get more urine for them to send away. Has this happen to anybody else? Is this normal after spaying? She didn't have this problem before I took her to be spayed.

Crystals In Urine Perhaps

After we had our Ruby spayed she didn't get a UTI but she developed crystals in her urine. The symptoms were similar to a UTI (inconinence and some blood in the urine). I forget all the tests they did (at least a sterile urine and ultrasound) and I distinctly remember the vet saying the urine in her bladder was shimmery on the ultrasound (due to so many crystals). And you will have to forgive me because this was 3 years ago and I don't remember what (if any meds) she was put on. But I do know that we increased her water intake (starting her on partial wet food at meals and adding water/low sodium broth to her meals). After we finished treatment we haven't had any problems since with this issue. Perhaps you can see if the vet thinks this might be a possiblity? Best of luck and I hope your girl feels better soon!