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Sore Nose Wrinkle


The wrinkle above Molly's nose has been a little irritated and recently had dark brown/red gunk in it (so gross). I took her to the vet yesterday and he gave me Mal-A-Ket wipes for the nose.  He also gave my an ointment for her eyes because they've been really watery.  He stained her eyes and didn't find any scratches and said he wasn't too concerned about entropian because it looked very mild if at all.  

So my question, since leaving the vet I have wiped the wrinkle and noticed it is getting redder/slightly swollen. She also had 1 big hive near her eye last night but it was gone within a few hours.  Is it normal for it to look a little worse as it heals? Could she be allergic to the wipes? Should I put something else on to soothe it besides just wiping it? This is so frustrating! I didn't expect it to look more irritated! 


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try canesten for the

try canesten for the itchiness and archie had something similar...ofcourse it didn't help his face was always in something!try keeping it clean a
hope she feels better,smoochies the scrunchy face

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aww.....poor Molly. Hydrocortisone cream, maybe? I would

probably call the vet, also---especially since she had a hive near her eye and the wrinkle is more red and swollen. Did the hive go away on its own or did you give her Benadryl or something else?  Maybe she is allergic to the wipes?  Sometimes our babies have these mysterious wittle things

going on.....Hope sweet Molly  gets better!!!! 


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Sorry I didn't see the responses sooner.  I gave her a hydroxyzine for the hive just to make sure they wouldn't start spreading.  Her wrinkle is definitely much better after 5 days of using the wipes.  It is still a little red and yeasty but definitely on the mend. Poor girl runs under the table every time she sees the jar of wipes though! :)