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Sophie's Strange Limp

Hello to all you Bully lovers! 

Our Sophie turned 2 in July, and last night she started limping, with no known cause to us. It's not even really what you would call a limp; she holds her back right leg out behind her and refuses to put weight on it. We checked her paw, pads, nails etc., and the only place we notice any tenderness is up toward her him. She is very active and has never had this issue before. Any suggestions?


What's with all these bullies with leg problems...

I was not aware that this was such a problem with them. Is it the breed or is it just bad luck? My post is just below yours and if you read it you will know what I am talking about. Good luck..

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My advice would be...

To give her complete rest, outside on a leash, minimal walking and no stairs or furniture. If she's not better in a couple of days, she should be seen by your vet.  

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So when she moves

does she limp?

Sounds like a possible knee injury.

She needs crate rest for a couple of weeks, on leash only, no playing, no jumping, to see if she gets better over that period of time.

If she is walking, putting some weight on it and limping then I would wait a couple of weeks to go to the vet because there is likely some inflammation and they can't do a drawer test if there is inflammation.

If she is putting absolutely NO weight on it and this has been going on for 24 hours then take her to the vet.

Was she out side running around and playing before she started this?

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I think I know her problem

Of course, I could be wrong but holding the leg out behind her (I assume it is a rear leg) is a classic sign of luxating patella. Putting the leg out straight pops the patella back into place when it pops out of place.
Let us know what the vet says.