Soft stools

I have an 11 week old bulldog puppy. I gradually switched him from the food the breeder was giving him to a grain free food. Now his stools are soft. There is no real form to it usually, just like a pile. Do I need to just give it more time or should I switch to another brand? For his weight, I'm not even giving him all that's recommended but he is gaining weight and looks really healthy. Just concerned about the stools. Any suggestions or advice?

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How long has it been since

How long has it been since the food switch? I can't imagine that long since he is only 11 weeks old. Also, are you letting him chew on any "rawhide" products? This could csue the soft stool. If it was me, I'd give the food switch a couple more weeks.


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Try putting a spoonful of canned pumpkin...

on his food at each meal.  Regular canned pumpkin, not pie mix.  That has fiber and will help firm his stool up.  Has he been tested for parasites?

He hasn't been tested.

But I don't think that's the issue. When I was in the middle of switching, it was like part of his stool was firm (normal) and part of it wasn't. I think it's the food. But I will try the pumpkin. Do you think I will need to always do this? Or is this just an adjustment period?

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I would do it until his stool firms up...

we had the same problem with Chester when we brought him home.  We switched him to the same grain free food that we had our other guy on and he had loose stools.  It took a while, but he finally firmed up.  

Not long

He has been fully switched for about a week. And I haven't given him any rawhide as I read that it isn't good for him.

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No Rawhide

it isn't good.

Puppies systems are just more sensitive. What did you switch him to and what is the protein source? Are you still feeding him a puppy food? Are you adding water? Are you feeding just kibble or are you adding something to the kibble? Salmon can tend to be rich and Lamb can tend to be hot so I personally would avoid those protein sources in a 12 week puppy.

Since you likely got him at 9 weeks and he's only 12 weeks and if you switched him over a 2 week time period then that is just not long enouhg for his system to get adjusted.

He is going through a lot of changes at this age.

Also shots can tend to cause soft stools.

If after 6 weeks he still has soft stools then I would probably look at another protein source.