Smell around tail!

I have a 2 year old female bulldog that continues to get a TERRIBLE SMELL around her butt area. I hane cleaned her anal glands, given her a bath, and a day later the smell comes right back. Any suggestions? I already have her on grain free is terrible! Please help!! The smell will come & go.

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Tail pocket.

Have you ever discovered her tail pocket? It is located directly under the tail, above the anus. It is usually a deep pocket that can get filled with dead hair, gunk, etc, and will stink to high heaven if it isn't cleaned regularly. 

Do this: if you have a sink with a sprayer nozzle, put your bully in the sink/tub and with warm water, use one hand to hold the nozzle, the other to feel up under her tail for that pocket. I recommend wearing latex gloves. You will need to locate the pocket, spray some warm water in it, then using a gentle soap (I use Palmolive antibacterial dish soap), and get that tail pocket clean! It is a gross job, but it is absolutely necessary for a bully owner to learn where the tail pocket is, how deep it is, and to be able to get it clean. After cleaning with your gloved fingers, rinse really well with warm water from the sprayer. Then clean it again. Rinse well. You want to be certain it is all the way clean.

I use paper towels to dry Sophie off. They absorb water better. Gently dry tail pocket and surrounding area. Make SURE it is dry in there! I use a little Diaper cream afterwards, Desitin is fine or similar. I don't use much, just a little dab. I spread it around inside the pocket, then gently wipe it dry again. 

Sophia can go a week or two without getting cleaned. I found the more I messed with her tail pocket, the more I had to clean it! Not sure why that is, but that's how it is for her. So once a week or so I give her a good, solid cleaning.


Amy and Sophia

We use

triple paste on their ropes when they yet yeasty... You can also use it on the tail pockets... works great!