skin irratation- 6 month old bulldog

So my Myla has been having some skin problems lately and I am wanting to get some advice from other bulldog owners. About 1month ago be had a red irratation by her nose, vet said it was dermatitis and she was put on antibiotics. It started getting better but never fully went away, even after a refil. Now it has become redder once again, and vet said same thing, and she was put on medicine 2 days ago. Also she had a skin infection on the back of her neck, which I thought was a scab from playing with our 6month old dobbie. She was eating Science Diet ever since I bought her at 8weeks old, but she has been switched to Wellness Core grain free here recently. I just don't know what to do right now, we clean her face and tail wrinkles 2 times a day and she seems healthy, never sick. Vet recommended going to a dermatologist to figure out specifics of what is irratating her, specially since she is so young and having multiple occurrences. So I am looking for some help. Has anyone went to a dermatologist, has it helped? Is there better ways to clean the face wrinkles besides baby whipes. Any advice will help, I want my babys face to get better! thank you!

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If you just recently switched food from Science Diet...

(which is really bad) to a grain free, it can take 6 weeks to see a difference.  

switching food

yes! I knew I wanted to switch the dog food but didnt know to what. And the more reseach I did, the more I realized how bad science diet was for her! She had been on it her whole life, i felt awful. Will changing to grain free food help with all these issues eventually?

Good switch.....


Let me tell u about skin issues I had the same problems with CHAPO huge stress. He had infection after infection supposed "hot spots" due to allergies that never really went away fully. Was one after another. He was on Eukanuba Puppy then RC Bulldog then back to Eukanuba Lamb and Rice which helped a little. He went on an antibiotic a couple of times which helped for a while. But finllay I switched VETS and figured out what the problem really was only after a SKIN SCRAPE which the other vet never performed. We were dealing with DEMODEX.

Now after Ivermectin shots, a ton of medicated baths with AMITRAZ, treatment with essential fatty acids (omega-6 & 3) and swithching him to Natures Variety things have gotten a whole lot better. Its a long process, just have to keep at it. I bath him 2 times a week and every 4th bath he goes to the vet for a checkup and bath there. I think cleaning their wrinkles twice a day is a bit much, we do once every couple of days usually on bath day which for the time being is every three days.

In your case I would recommend a few things.

1. SWITCH VETS (If he´s telling you to go to a dermatologist he/she do not know what the heck is going on and trust me; u dont want them to guess with your dog) GET a SCRAPE!

2. U just swithced to a new kibble a GOOD KIBBLE stay with it, I know all about bad kibbles and what they can do.

3. Ask your vet about vitamin supplements for your dog; example (omegas and vitamin E.) Bayer sells essential fatty acid called ages just add vit. E.

4. Filtered water helps a lot; get urself a Brita.

Just stay positive and know that it is a long process to FULLY heald. Look around the forum there is a bunch of advice on this topic because it is so common in bulldogs, listen to the people here they probably have all gone through it once, some harder that others.

Good Luck!!

so helpful!

Thank you for all the info! That was going to be my next thing, switching vets, which is what I am going to do anyways. This gives me a good starting point, thank you. 

Antibiotics always cause

Kofi's nose rope to get yeasty. I always follow with a good probiotic. I keep Pro-Biotics on hand. 

For sure you should have a scrape done. 

Is your vet knowlegeable with bullies? I would also try to find one that is. 

You can irratate by cleaning too often. I clean Kofi about every other day with hydrogen peroxide and dry well before using somthing with zinc oxide, like Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Calmoseptine ointment is also good.

Hope this helps your sweet baby.


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pro biotics...

What exactly are pro-biotics? The vets seem to be helpful, some more then others. But I have learned more from you all right now then I have from both of them. So maybe I should cut down on the cleaning and go the route you are saying. Right now I have a medicated whipe from the vet but I feel it burns her because she hates it. Thank you for your info!

I order my probiotics

from Ultra-Pet Products. They were recommended from someone that posts here.

Those medicated wipes can be harsh. The zinc oxide helps keep the crease dry. 

Also, filtered water makes a huge difference.

For standard cleaning when no flare ups, I use baby wipes, scent free and always dry carefully afterward.

I've learned alot from the good people here.


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pro biotics and omegas and vitmain E

Are these pills that I could give Myla on the regular? Or just in situations where there are flare ups? I am going to start switching up my method of cleaning right away, and see how that helps. I do feel like I could possible over doing it. I never knew there were so many products out there to help with these issues other then baby whipes and benadryl..which I started giving her last night.

Probiotics do not need

to be given unless there is a reason, i.e. flareup. 

I give Kofi wild salmon oil, and many give fish oil regularly. You can do a search to decide which products you would like to use.

Let us know how things go.


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I have not got a skin scrapping yet due to Myla developing diarrhea. I have her currently on fish oil supplements and her benedryl. I did not get a refill of her meds, and I have cut back on her cleanings and started using the hydrogen peroxide every few days. So far I have seen an improvement. It doesnt seem to be red like it was and she is getting her little white hairs back. I still plan on getting the scap done once I find a new vet that I preferr.