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skin infections

I have a 1 1/2 year old female bulldog and just recently I noticed a smell coming from her tail area. I bathe her weekly and have always washed the creases so they would not get infected but today I noticed that she has a pretty bad rash and infection in the skin folds around her tail. I have washed it with hydrogeine puroxide and put anti fungal cream on it but it still seems to be bothering her. Do you think I should take her to the vet for antibiotics?Oh and she is in her 14th day of her second heat cycle .


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can start very easily around the tail if you have bathed and not dried really, really well. Especially if she has a tight tail.

I would find something like Vetricyn or Genticin spray and spray on something like a cotten cosmetic square and get in there with your finger and clean. If you can spray under her tail even better. Depends on how tight her tail is.

Anti fungal cream keeps it moist, you need something with a drying agent.

And yes you may need to get a perscription of antibiotics.

Does she have a tail pocket?

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What does it smell like?

Might need anal glands expressed also. Vet or groomer can do it.