Should I get health insurance for my pup?

I fell in love with a pup called Mr. Chubs.  It's only three months old, and my mother will be dropping the pup off to my house in a few days.  I've been hearing all these nightmare stories about owning an english bulldog in terms of health issues, so I am considerring buying insurance. 

What companies do you guys recommend?  I would like to stay in the $60 a month range.

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And I have trupanion.  You can choose how much you want to pay per month by adjusting the deductible. I think mine is around $40 and I have the extra hip dysplasia coverage just in case.  My insurance saved me big time when Molly had pneumonia and now shes covered for life for that condition (hoping it never happens again obviously!). It is really for illness or accidents, not routine visits or spay/neuter, but I think it is worth it. 


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Well it's just like any may pay a bundle for it and never get your money worth (hopefully this is the case) or you may use it alot.

Those that have it and have had to use it will tell you yes buy it. Those like me who have never had it, have owned bulldogs for 16 years, 6 bulldogs over that time would have spent a fortune and not really gotten my moneys worth (on average).

If I had had it on 2 dogs I would have saved money. On the others I would have spent far more for the insurance then claims.

If I only had 1 bulldog and did not buy this puppy from a reputable breede that I know well, knew the lines of the dogs and th breeder was not putting an emphasis on health then I would likley get the insurance. If the puppy is from a BYB or puppy mill, then I would definitely get the insurance.

For me I have over the years had 4 very healthy bulldogs, pretty much living their life with routine annual vet visits. Those other 2 have had some surgery costs that are expensive. 1 had breed specific issues the other had emergency situations that have nothing to do with breed issues and could happen to any breed.

If you have savings that could cover a costly surgery then maybe not, if you don't then you may benefit by getting insurance.

Congrats on the new puppy.