Should I be angry??

So I haven´t posted for a while, and I dont know if u guys remember my chapo had skin issues (HOTSPOTS) and the his original vet was treating his with antibiotics and medicated bathes. Well after a while I just kinda got tired of going back and forth to the vet and I bought the medicated shampoo and was bathing him at home. Everything was good, he was doing so much better. I took him back to the VET for a checkup where he was bathed before coming home. A couple of days later he started shedding profusly, really bad smell and his face wasnt looking to good. Obviosly frustrated I got a 2nd opinion, he had a skin scrape and guess what??? DEMODEX, the VET says he has probably had it for a while and basically we´ve just been delaying the process with the bathes and meds.

I asked his original VET on a number of ocasiones if it could possibly be DEMODEX and if he should have a skin scrape and the answer was always hes going to be fine dont worry, bulldogs always have these types of problems. ETC ETC.

So you tell me should I be ANGRY?

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I would

I could see a vet just thinking something's a hot spot or something. But if you actually brought up an idea and they dismissed it without acknowledging that you may have just done your research and may have a good point to check into I would be a bit pissed myself. 


-Sherm was here. 

True that.

Thanks Sherm, I was beginning to feel bad, thinking to myself I may be blowing it a little out of proportion but yeah!!!!!! it gets to be very stressfull seeing the little big guys suffer.

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That in the picture looks like a hot spot

Get Vetricyn to get rid of the hots spot. You can get it over the counter. It's expensive but good. It really should be shaved around it.

What are you feeding him? I've known lamb based foods to cause hot spots. Thankfully I don't have experience with them personally, but fellow breeder, friends have.

Did the new vet scrape? And did he show you the mites under the microscope?

What are you doing to get rid of it? I have used oral Ivermectin with good results.

I would be pissed .... and I would take the information from the new vet to the old vet to show him that he has demodex.

Unfortunately vets just give out antibiotics like doctores used to and get you on your way. They don't diagnose the real probelm and then treat, they just jump to treating.

This is the reason why I often recommend seeing a different vet for a 2nd opinion, especially if they are not willing to try what you are recommending.

Yup Demodex

Yes, exactly in the picture its nothing more than a hotspot. the new vet did scrape the skin and yes he showed me the mites under the scope. We saw a few smaller mature mites and a couple of adult mites, the new vet said that even though there isn´t a whole lot of mites present; with the ones being visible and the adjacent symptoms that the diagnosis is in fact DEMODEX. He started him on SC Ivermectin that same day (FRIDAY), Vitamin E and medicated bathes. He also asked that CHAPO stay a couple of nights i.e over the weeked. I actually just got a call back this morning telling me that he is doing very well.

To answer your food question: He is on Eukanuba lamb and Rice. Don´t yell at me yet, I know it isn´t a very good quality food. But here in Mexico I´m limited to Royal Canin whick the first vet said was the cause of all the skin issues, so we switched him back to Eukanuba. So I´m stuck with having to choose from EUKANUBA, RC, PRO-PLAN, PEDIGREE, or NUPEC. I haven´t found a good quality food distributer here in Mexico. Don´t get me wrong I would love to start him on FROMM or BLUE-BUFFALO,something of that nature but it´s nowhere to be found here. If you know of anybody willing to ship let me know.

Hell YES!... I would... and

Hell YES!... I would... and find a new vet at that.