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Shot reaction

Eight days ago I had the vet give my dogs their shots, including the one for Kennel cough and you guessed it one of them is coughing and trying to hack something up,  Like a whitish foam......

I understand kennel cough self cures but can I give him something to help his cough.  

It really gets on my nerves [the cough] knowing I OKed the shot, and they neither one had the shot or kennel cough before, why I said OK I'm not sure as I never plan to board them, or day care or dog parks.... 

Another lesson learned



Mean people still suck

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We had a rescue with kennel cough years ago...

And our guys all got it. The vet gave us prescription cough meds, but you can also use robatussin without decongestants. The Rx meds work a little better tho if you can get them. 

Same thing

happened to me... I took my 8 week old bully to the vet for her first visit, they always ask if I want the kennel cough mist - I always tell them no, since I do not board my dogs... The vet tech gave it to her without the vet asking first. I also had my 8 month old bulldog with us at the time (who did not have the mist).... 5 days later they both got very sick - the 8 week old ended up with pneumonia, her brother was not that bad. I don't know if it was the shot that got her sick, and then she gave her brother something - or if they both picked something up in the vet office... She is now 7 months old, doing great, but I have not brought her back for shots, I wanted her to be older and stronger. We go this Friday night..... Lots of Luck with your dog - Kennel Cough is a HORRIBLE sound.....

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I just hate it when I screw up in their care.  

He's pretty good this morning, still coughing when he got up, but eating and friskey as he usually is.

He threw up some chicken noodle soup on the porch last night I didn't know about and he had Guaicon but only about 5 to 8 drops in a spoon twice.

He's resting and snoring as usual, what's weird, [hope I don't regret saying this], but only one dog has it.

Thanks again



Mean people still suck